An over 100  years old Kulfi joints in Old Delhi. Made with 100 % natural ingredients having these kulfi is like indulging in fresh fruits.

The Kulfi Zone” was initiated by Late Shri Lala Duli Chand in early 50’s & is one of the pioneer firms in the kulfi industry in Delhi. Later his son Mahesh Chand took on the business and changes the concept of typical kulfi in a way by making Stuff kulfi, Assorted Kulfa, Stick kulfi & many more.

But came into focus in 1983 which is currently handled by Manish Gupta, the fourth generation of the Lala Duli Chand lineage, continuing their journey with experimenting in the range of kulfi & other products which will add onto consumer’s choice & enhancing their taste buds.

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History of Kulfi

Who exactly discovered kulfi? While history does not point to one specific inventor. The desert traces its origins to Mughal times when people figured out that they could use salt petre to keep Himalayan ice intact, even in a tropical country like ours.


So, in the era that precedes cold storage technology, desert chefs in royal kitchen boiled and churned milk & cream, flavored it with nuts and saffron, and poured it into earthenware pots to make kulfi.


Now a days we have our favorite different varieties in kulfi but nothing come close to the Kesar & Pista Kulfi. This sweet smooth and indulgent desert has taken many avatars since and today we have no dearth of kulfi variant. It can be served on Matka, also from the plastic moulds or simply on the sticks .

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